6 years ago I lived on a couch in an apartment that wasn't mine. 

(The apartment, not the couch... the couch was mine)

Today, I have nothing short of my dream job.

(Besides being a pitcher for the Tigers; which was my original dream job)

I travel.

I film stuff.

I create art.

I get to impress people with my work. 

I get work with a dream team full of brilliant people. 

I get to help people grow their businesses by making cool stuff. 

It's fricking awesome... I'm almost literally bursting with gratitude on a daily basis for my blessings.

But sometimes, some days still just feel a whole heck of a lot like work. No matter what I do, I can't escape it. This life isn't a dream, it's still work. My emotions and energy carry me on the days that it doesn't, but what motivates me to produce when I don't feel like it?

When I don't feel like it, that's when responsibility, accountability and obligation kick in. 

I'm responsible to my team to produce because their livelihood depends on it. 

I'm accountable for the promises I've made clients. 

I'm obligated to do the right thing and produce because my family depends on it. 

That's when the pictures of my family on the desk make the most sense. 





Lessons from the road pt. 1

Lessons from the road pt. 1

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