Tactical Communication Thought no. 1

Tactical Communication Thought no. 1

Communicating clearly is a must if you want to be effective. I could wax on this a while, but this post is mainly tactical, not strategy. 

When it comes to communication, I do my best to meet clients where they are. Some people like me to text them, some people message me on twitter, some people still want a phone call. I do my best to accommodate within reason. But if I had it my way, here's how I do it. 

As a general rule, ambiguous, new, or tense topics need more personal attention. If everything is flowing smoothly, and your relationship is good, the easier it is to just fire off a quick message. Emails are quick, but cheap. In person is expensive, but really adds value to any relationship. 

IN PERSON with a drink (either coffee or beer)

Practical for nearly every situation where relationship building is priority. Especially true if there is any unresolved conflict or tension that needs to be addressed. 


Phone calls are still great if there are only 2 people on the line and we keep the call under 7 minutes. Phone calls are the middle ground of email hell and a face to face conversation. I pretty much rarely leave voicemails anymore, as everyone just calls or texts back. 


Emails are still awesome for a quick check-in, or a non intrusive way to get on someone's radar. That being said, I ALWAYS try to add value in the email, rather than just saying "hi, hope you're good, let's do business". 


I text my team, and clients that I've already had a relationship with. Texting clients requires a good degree of social awareness to get right. If a new client starts blowing up my text messages, it's a huge red flag for me.


Our team uses slack to communicate on most day to day, back and forth convos. It's an instant messenger that's fun to use. And you can communicate easily with gifs. 


Honestly, sending someone a handwritten thank you or a fun gift goes a LONG way to say you care. 

Additional guidelines:

  • Never, ever use double punctuation. IE (I sent you a message yesterday, haven't heard back??!)
  • Never send more than two messages in a row of the same type of communication, It's time to level up or let it go. 
  • Never text, message or email when there's potential for misunderstanding or conflict. Best is in-person convo, but a phone call can work. 
  • Don't use your phone to take notes, use a pad. 
  • Sent does not mean received. Get confirmation.

So that's some thoughts for me, hopefully it helps you. 

- KR

"Congratulations, you made a tuna sandwich"

"Congratulations, you made a tuna sandwich"

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